How can i Partition my Filesystem?

That was the problem that i have yesterday, i would like to install a new Linux Operating System. My HDD has a size of 160 GB. I have used 60 GB of them for Windows and the others for my Linux OS.
But i have to install an other version of Linux for security testing. I have drop my Gentoo OS Partition, well these Operating System doesn’t work and was hard to install. With the Xubuntu LiveCD it was easy to manage my Filesystem. (e.g. Partition Size)

Open the Console and type in:
sudo -u root -s

if asking for a password use xubuntu..
after than type in

And the GParted Partition Editor application will start. Here we have all options.
If u get error messages like Partition errors make sure that you don’t have mounted the Filesystem.

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